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Welcome to the Homepage of the
Wausau, WI record label from San Francisco
founded by Morgan Lethae


Latest production?


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"After years of honing my craft and building a thriving music production business in the California Bay Area, I've decided to relocate Zenith Flare Records to my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin. This move allows me to bring a wealth of music production services to a vibrant community where these resources were previously less accessible. While based in Wausau, I continue to work with my clients across California and remotely with artists across the United States. I look forward to collaborating with new clients and continuing to support those I already work with." — Morgan Lethae (Kamran Adib), founder

Manifest your musical destiny with our all-in-one services:

  • Songwriting (Lyrics): Crafting meaningful and engaging lyrics tailored to your style and message.

  • Composition: Developing original musical arrangements and structures that bring your ideas to life.

  • Music Production (Creating the backtrack): Building the instrumental foundation of your song, from beats to full orchestration.

  • Recording: Capturing high-quality audio performances in a professional studio environment.

  • Audio Engineering:​

  • Mixing: Balancing and blending individual tracks to create a cohesive sound.

  • Mastering: Finalizing the track to ensure it sounds polished and professional across all playback systems.

  • Vocal Treatment/Editing: Enhancing vocal recordings to sound perfect yet natural.

  • Remixes: Curating a Remix EP where several artists create new versions of your song, adding fresh perspectives and styles.

  • Branding (Graphic Design): Developing a unique and memorable brand identity that reflects your artistic vision.

  • Marketing (Graphic Design, Social Media): Creating and managing effective social media campaigns to grow your audience and engagement.

  • Distribution: Releasing your music to over 30 major stores and streaming services, reaching audiences in over 200 countries.

Just bring your voice—we'll take care of the rest.

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