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Kamran Adib is an American composer and producer based in San Francisco, California. He founded Zenith Flare Records in 2020. Specializing in hybrid pop-dance and downtempo works that fuse acoustic and electronic elements, Zenith Flare draws from contemporary classical, experimental, and electronic dance music traditions.

Adib's music has been described as "an undeniable sound that is unique, kinetic, and deeply moving [...] difficult to categorize—it’s genre-bending and always original," (Dana Genshaft, San Francisco Ballet).


Adib's career began by scoring short collegiate films. He composed and produced music for the drama Blossoming Hope  (Amber Finnegan and Tehan Davis) and psychological thrillers Lovely Head (Hanna Reynolds) and Don’t Be a Sucker (Jeff Ng). Working with Ng, he engineered and produced music for the YouTube series Athena (2016-18). Adib subsequently edited and produced original audio projects for Tony Alfaro of Swingshot Films.


In addition to recording his own original music at Sony Interactive, Adib wrote collaborative promotional content for JAKE Atelier Fashion and The Walt Disney Family Museum's Young Animators Guild (2018) .


Adib's current projects include works for renowned choreographer Dana Genshaft's pieces for The Washington Ballet and The San Francisco Ballet Association. Adib's first ballet, created for Genshaft and The Cincinnati Ballet, premiered in February 2021, as a part of the Kaplan New Works SeriesOrpheus, his work for The Washington Ballet, is available to stream now on Marquee TV.

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KXMRXN, pronounced COM-ron, is an American pop-electronica project founded in 2017 by Kamran Adib; the project features collaborative works with a variety of artists and producers. Through this project, Adib explores storytelling and reflecting on human interaction, often romantic, as it is seen from different perspectives—including the facets of age, race, profession, gender, and sexuality. Armed with a mind sharpened by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music's Technology and Applied Composition Program, KXMRXN's iridescent ear candy is laser-locked on to the post-millennial palette.

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